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Oregon Music Teachers Association
Instructor Specialty Area Phone Email Contact Preference
Beals, Shari Piano Violin Keizer (503)304-9043 Both
Bernhard, Dorothy (Grace) Piano S.Salem (503)873-3159 Both
Butler, Deborah Piano Keyboard Theory/All Ages Silverton (503)932-0514 Phone
Butler, Holly Piano Violin Silverton (503)269-1425 Both
Campbell, Shannon Piano S.Salem (503)949-4379 Both
Caubin, Lolly Piano & Other Instruments NW Salem (503)588-2895 Both
Crawford, Sally Piano Theory South Salem (503)362-1056 Both
Davis, Marcy Piano/Adults Keizer (971)599-3933 Both
Dispain, Kimberlee Piano SE Salem (503)689-2439 Email
Distad, Georgene Piano/Ages 6 and up Uptown Music in Keizer (503)587-7000 Both
Galusha, Cessaries Piano Theory Voice/All ages Keizer SW Salem (319)594-2341 Email
Greer, Linda Piano NE Salem (503)581-4051 lgreer1224@comcast.nrt Both
Halferty, Lora Beginner/Intermediate Piano Theory Keizer North Salem (503)930-5691 Both
Lethin, Kathryn Piano Violin Voice Music Theory SE Salem (503)999-4343 Phone
Marianos, Alma Piano Theory SE Salem (971)599-0521 Both
Mayer, Haley Classical/College Preparatory Piano Voice Music Theory South Salem (503)999-4343 Phone
Mayhew, Beverly Piano Music Education South Salem (503)383-6286 Both
Perkins, Gillian Classical Piano Classical/Celtic Flute Theory NE Salem (503)383-4982 Both
Poitras, Sharon Piano/Middle School age and up SE Salem (503)409-2868 Both
Savage, John Guitar Bass Double Bass South Salem (503)999-4343 Both
Walker, Lorna Piano Theory/All ages West Salem (503)393-4344 Phone