In-Home repair

Upright tilted for caster repair

  • Deep Cleaning and critter removal
  • String replacement
  • Caster and wheel truck repair
  • Chipped keys and Ivory repair (acrylic fillers and hand filing)
  • Minor action repair (hammers, shanks, keys, and more…)
  • Hinges, desk knobs, rubber stoppers
  • Lyre and pedal repair (pelican springs, doweling, dampers, and more…)

Shop repair and Contracts

Restringing a Conover grand piano

  • Replacing key tops, and sharp key replacement / restoration
  • Replacement of bushings and buttons with limited key easing.
  • Hanging new hammers
  • Replace or recondition action components
  • Grand and Upright Regulation
  • Install felts, leather (escaine), springs, flanges, plastic to wood, and more!
  • Plate and soundboard reconditioning
  • Pin block replacement (grands) and reconditioning (uprights)
  • Restringing and rescaling (The full enchilada)
  • Music desk and functional repairs